“Muzik” Headphones Review!

Hello world,

This is Gyatso and today I’ll be going over the “Muzik” headphones,  the self-claimed Google-Glass of headphones.


So let’s start with its design, other than its huge logo’s on the sides it look very slick and smooth. But the “ear-cups” are hard and made of leather, after long sessions of listening to music they’ll start to cause a pain on the ears which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t headphones.image

5/10 Looks nice feels crap.

Sound Quality

In a truly honest opinion the sound quality isn’t half bad, other than its awful design the sound is just at an okay quality it isn’t great it isn’t crap. But for the price you’re paying, it should be better.

6/10 It’s okay but not for the price you’re paying.


So this is where I was left in a state of confusion seeing as the provided application for the headphones is utter garbage and should be erased from man kind’s knowledge, and that the “gesture control” is actually very satisfying. Even though the application was unspeakable as its responses were annoying to say the least, the ability to customize what the buttons on the ear-cups do is great, but they didn’t make the options of customization very broad, it was limited to : Speed dial, Tweeting what song you are listening to or Facebook posting what song your listening to, because all your friends and family would love to know! Other than that, the gestures worked great and it was a nice experience.

8/10 Could heavily be improved on but it has potential.

Overal Score


TL;DR It’s okay, I don’t recommend buying it but it’s not the bane of my existence.


Featured Stream of The Week : W#1

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this weeks streamer of the week, lets get right to it! This weeks streamer is a NA lol streamer, who goes with the stream name of: “iTouchSocks”
GAME OF CHOICE: League of Legends.

GENDER: Unknown

AGE: 15

LINK: Here

Known info :
Not much is known about this streamer since he or she prefers to keep their identity secret, if asked what gender he / she is
iTouchSocks will probably reply with ” I’m a sock”.
What we do know is that socks is 15 years old.

Socks doesn’t use a microphone or a webcam and his/her reason being:

“I cannot talk to people as I am too shy. My heart starts beating fast and I freeze up. It’s really bad and do not try to tell me to. As you don’t understand it’s not something I can change.”

Special traits:

Even though socks doesn’t talk he/she is a very amusing player and has a great taste of music, he/she doesn’t have a set streaming schedule but regularly streams.
Socks is very active in his/her chat and you can easily fall into conversation with him/her on her twitch chat.

Go follow him/her on twitch, and that’s it for this week hope to see you swing by next week,
with our next S.O.T.W

– Gyatso / Raineys

Firstlook 2014 RECAP



Herro! Gyatso / Raineys here,

And today I’m going to show YOU the good and bad about Firstlook 2014.

Gaming events like these have been becoming more and more popular since games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and others have been rising in popularity.

This is in ways great and dreadfull, but for people who just got on the gaming hype train “Chu chimageu” these types of meet-ups are awesome-sauce, since you get to really meet the 13 year old acne covered community!

But for the people who’ve been going to these conventions before they where so popular I can imagine that these events could become more and more tedious as you go, since every year you go, more and more people join the fun causing more and more LINES
because the biggest downfall of these events are ofcourse the insane lines!

If you want to do anything at conventions like these yo need to wait an approximate time of at least 15 minutes to an hour.
This can totally suck, because if you’re my height ” armpit height ” these lines REEK of energy drinks, sweat and broken dreams.

Conventions like these are awesome, waiting and lines sucks ( especially if you’re armpit height ) but for most of the stages / setups it’s totally worth the wait!
Firstlook 2014 was great! I recommend it and I’d definitely go again next year
Score : 8 / 10

This is Gyatso signing off!

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